Full Title: Fighting Oil Addiction: Ranking States’ Gasoline Price Vulnerability and Solutions For Change
Author(s): Dave Grossman and Deron Lovaas
Publisher(s): Natural Resources Defense Council
Publication Date: 11/2012



Energy policy and prices remain front and center in the American consciousness,  particularly as national election consequences play out and the fragile economy  continues to make many Americans feel more vulnerable. Americans continued  to feel the painful pinch of gasoline prices in 2011—and they still do today. To curb  America’s perilous oil addiction, we continue to need effective government policies that will increase the availability and use of efficient vehicles and clean fuels, as well  as promote smart growth and public transit.

This is the sixth edition of this report, updating the 2007,  2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 research by David Gardiner &  Associates (DGA) and the Natural Resources Defense Council  (NRDC) identifying the states whose citizens feel the greatest  economic pain from gasoline prices—and the states that are  doing the most to break their addiction to oil.