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OurEnergyLibrary Resources on Workforce Development

Realizing the Green Jobs Promise: The Benefits of a Regenerative Approach
January 30, 2023
Rocky Mountain Institute
The Post-Industrial Midwest and Appalachia (PIMA) Nuclear Alliance
January 15, 2023
Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy
Opportunities to Diversify the U.S. Renewable Energy Manufacturing Supply Chain
December 15, 2022
American Council on Renewable Energy
Matching Geographies and Job Skills in the Energy Transition
October 25, 2022
Resources for the Future
World Energy Employment Report
September 7, 2022
International Energy Agency
Diversity in the U.S. Energy Workforce: Data Findings to Inform State Energy, Climate, and Workforce Development Policies and Programs
April 25, 2021
National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), BW Research Partnership, HBCU CDAC
The Energy Workforce and COVID-19: Data-Driven Policy Recommendations
March 13, 2021
University of Houston Energy, Center for Applied Psychological Research
2020 U.S. Energy & Employment Report
March 23, 2020
The National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) and the Energy Futures Initiative (EFI)
NCEP Task Force on America's Future Energy Jobs
October 1, 2009
  National Commission on Energy Policy, Bipartisan Policy Center
The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy
July 1, 2009
  Political Economy Research Institute (UMASS, Amherst), Center for American Progress
A 100-Day Energy Action Plan
September 1, 2008
The Council on Competitiveness
Green Jobs: Towards decent work in a sustainable, low-carbon world
September 1, 2008
 United Nations Environment Programme

OurEnergyLibrary Resources on Permitting

Streamlining Planning and Permitting to Accelerate Wind and Solar Deployment
January 20, 2023
Energy Transitions Commission
Offshore Wind Energy: Federal Leasing, Permitting, Deployment, and Revenues
November 18, 2021
Congressional Research Service (CRS)
Ambitious Mandates, Ambivalent Communities: Land Use Challenges to New York’s Renewable Power Goals
September 14, 2021
Energy Innovation Reform Project (EIRP)
How Are We Going to Build All That Clean Energy Infrastructure?
August 23, 2021
Clean Air Task Force, Niskanen Center
Windy Waters: Unlocking the Potential of U.S. Offshore Wind
July 6, 2021
Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC)
Building Cleaner, Faster
June 15, 2021
The Aspen Institute
Establishing Utility-Scale Solar Projects: Federal Involvement
May 11, 2021
Resources for the Future
Wind Energy: Offshore Permitting
March 8, 2021
Congressional Research Service
Large-Scale Offshore Wind Power in the United States: Assessment of Opportunities and Barriers
September 1, 2010
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

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