Full Title: 20 Years of Carbon Capture and Storage. Accelerating Future Deployment
Author(s): International Energy Agency
Publication Date: 11/2016


Description (excerpt):
The Paris Agreement provides a framework for stronger climate action that will increase the need for carbon capture and storage (CCS). The global community agreed in Paris to a more ambitious temperature target of “well below 2°C”, to pursue efforts towards 1.5°C and to balance emissions during the second half of this century. This will require rapid and extensive deployment of all low-emissions technologies, including CCS. CCS remains the only technology solution capable of delivering significant emissions reductions from the use of fossil fuels in power generation and industrial processes. It can also play an important role in delivering future “negative emissions” which, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) become increasingly important under more ambitious mitigation scenarios. CCS is the potential “sleeping giant” that needs to be awakened to respond to the increased ambition of the Paris Agreement