Full Title: 2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report
Author(s): Grace Anderson et al.
Publisher(s): California Energy Commission
Publication Date: 12/2013


Description (excerpt): 

The 2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update provides the results of the California Energy Commission’s assessments of a wide variety of energy issues currently facing California. These issues include future demand for electricity, natural gas, and transportation fuels; energy efficiency in California’s existing buildings; publicly owned utilities’ progress toward achieving 10-year energy efficiency targets; the definition of zero-net-energy and its inclusion in state building standards; challenges to increased use of geothermal heat pump/ground loop technologies and procurement of biomethane; using demand response to meet California’s energy needs and integrate renewable technologies; bioenergy development; California’s electricity infrastructure needs given potential retirement of power plants and the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station; new generation costs for utility-scale renewable and fossil-fueled generation; the need for investments in new or upgraded transmission infrastructure; utility progress in implementing past recommendations related to nuclear power plants; natural gas market trends; the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program; potential vulnerability of California’s energy supply and demand infrastructure to the effects of climate change, and potential electricity system needs in 2030.