Full Title: 2014 Oil and Gas Industry Planning Cycle: Getting It Right
Author(s): Peter J. Parry
Publisher(s): Bain & Company
Publication Date: 12/2013


Description (excerpt):

As commercial and national oil and gas companies begin their annual planning cycles in September, they will assess the macro business environment and make careful assumptions about the industry and their companies’ positions in it. These insights will determine the coming year’s performance targets, con rm priorities and set board and shareholder expectations. Done well, they serve as a robust backdrop for establishing effective plans, budgets and rolling year operating plan updates.

As in previous years, Bain & Company offers a critical checklist of 10 key issues, to inform the 2014 oil and gas planning and budgeting cycle. The list covers macro-economic trends, industry themes and specific tactical considerations. We recommend using this kind of structured framework to challenge thinking and ensure a highly effective 2014 planning process, contributing to high-quality, accurate results.