Full Title: 2014 Summer Loads and Resources Assessment
Author(s): N/A
Publisher(s): California ISO
Publication Date: 5/2014


The 2014 Summer Loads and Resources Assessment provides an analysis of the upcoming summer supply and demand outlook in the California Independent System Operator (ISO) balancing authority area. The ISO works with state agencies, generation and transmission owners, load serving entities, and other balancing authorities to formulate the summer forecast and identify any issues regarding upcoming operating conditions. The loads and resources assessment considers the conditions across the entire ISO balancing authority area as a whole (representing about 80 percent of California), and then further considers separately the situations in the Northern California zone (North of Path 26 or NP26) and the Southern California zone (South of Path 26 or SP26). The drought impact in California on power supply and local reliability concerns for southern Orange and San Diego counties due to the loss of the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station are two of the key issues in 2014 and are addressed in this report.