Full Title: 2015 Solar Economy Barometer
Author(s): Trudy Westby, Rebecca Tannebring and Megan Birney
Publisher(s): Wiser Capital
Publication Date: 09/2015


Description (excerpt):

Across the US, there is untapped solar capacity among the commercial sector. As the residential and utility scale solar markets have taken off, commercial has followed one step behind. According to GreenTech Media, the U.S. commercial segment did see 1,036 MW of solar installations in 2014 and they forecast the commercial market to grow at 40% over its 2014 total. That said, most of these projects were cash purchases or focused in the large commercial sector.

The industry as a whole believes that there remains a deluge of untapped potential in the small to medium scale, distributed generation, third party financed, commercial solar market. But what is that potential? Where is it located? And exactly how much more solar are we talking about?

Wiser Capital worked to answer these questions and determine market potential for mid-sized commercial solar in the Northeast United States. A solar market must have adequate available capacity to entice installers to set up shop, potential savings to the host facilities and a large enough pool of investment opportunities for financiers to dedicate resources to the region.