Full Title: 2018 Energy & Carbon Summary
Author(s): Darren Woods
Publisher(s): Exxon Mobil Corporation
Publication Date: 03/2018


Description (excerpt):

The Outlook anticipates global energy needs will rise about 25 percent over the period to 2040, led by
non-OECD countries. While the mix shifts toward lowercarbon-intensive fuels, the world will need to pursue all
economic energy sources.

• Worldwide electricity from solar and wind will increase about 400 percent
• Natural gas will expand its role, led by growth for electricity generation
• Growth in oil demand will be driven by commercial transportation and the chemical industry, while more electric cars and efficiency improvements in conventional cars will likely lead to a peak in liquid fuels demand for the light-duty vehicle fleet
• Efficiency gains and growing use of less-carbonintensive energy sources will contribute to a nearly 45 percent decline in the carbon intensity of global GDP

This year’s Outlook also includes sensitivities to provide greater perspective on the energy landscape. For
example, greater penetration of electric vehicles (EV) and/or wind/solar deployment beyond our base Outlook assumptions could slow the growth in oil and natural gas demand, respectively.