Full Title: 3 Steps to Understanding the Performance of your Distributed Solar Assets
Author(s): Mark Reusser & Heidi Marie Larson
Publisher(s): ICF
Publication Date: 03/2017


Description (excerpt):
As distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) portfolios begin to age, the challenge of measuring performance becomes more relevant. Such an analysis can help financial stakeholders identify performance short-falls and potential warranty items, adjust operational procedures, and evaluate the future value of assets’ performance projections. However, in depth analysis of all, or a large portion, of the operational/performance data (performance data) for individual systems is often not practical from a timing or budgetary perspective. Therefore, a high-level review of all systems in the portfolio should be performed to identify systems that warrant additional review. It is critical that the portfolio is reviewed with sufficient detail to accurately identify underperforming projects, but such an analysis must also be efficient and practical.