Full Title: 50 States of Q4 2018 Quarterly Report & 2018 Annual Review Executive Summary Solar
Author(s): Autumn Proudlove, Brian Lips, David Sarkisian, & Achyut Shrestha
Publisher(s): NC Clean Energy Technology Center
Publication Date: 01/2019


Description (excerpt):

The purpose of this report is to provide state lawmakers and regulators, electric utilities, the solar industry, and other energy stakeholders with timely, accurate, and unbiased updates on state actions to study, adopt, implement, amend, or discontinue policies associated with distributed solar photovoltaics (PV). This report catalogs proposed and enacted legislative, regulatory policy, and rate design changes affecting the value proposition of distributed solar PV during the most recent quarter, with an emphasis on the residential sector.

The 50 States of Solar series provides regular quarterly updates of solar policy developments, keeping stakeholders informed and up to date on a timely basis.