Full Title:  A 100-Day Energy Action Plan: For the 44th President of the United States
Author(s): n/a
Publisher(s): The Council on Competitiveness
Publication Date: 9/2008
Identifier(s):  ISBN 1-889866-42-3
Language: English
Length: 4 pages, PDF

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Description (excerpt):

The Council puts forth the following recommendations to the 44th President as the critical measures for immediate action upon taking office. It is important to stress that these actions mark the beginning, not the end, of a concerted commitment to ensure the United States achieves energy security in a sustainable manner, while ensuring the competitiveness of its workers, industries and economy. The Council will issue a comprehensive set of recommendations, addressing the need for both public and private sector action, at a National Energy Summit on June 22-23, 2009. The New President and his cabinet will be invited to this important meeting.