Full Title: A Clean Energy Action Plan for the United States
Author(s): Luke H. Bassett, Myriam Alexander-Kearns, and Jerusalem Demsas
Publisher(s): Center for American Progress
Publication Date: 09/2016


Description (excerpt):

This report proposes policy recommendations that promote the three elements of decarbonization—energy efficiency, low-carbon electricity generation, and the electrification of end uses—and that address their integration, financing, and implementation at the federal level. It examines specific policy actions that a new administration and Congress can take in the short term to expedite deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. This is just one part of an overall climate mitigation strategy U.S. leaders will need to employ to meet the nation’s long-term carbon pollution reduction targets.

By instituting these recommendations, the next president and Congress will accelerate the transformation of the electric power sector into the low-carbon engine of the U.S. economy. Because the deployment and integration of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in electricity generation and end uses create the foundation for further carbon emissions reductions in other sectors, the electric power sector is a crucial area in which policymaking can guide current momentum forward