Full Title: A Comparison of US Oil and Natural Gas Policies: Pro-development Policies vs. Proposed Regulatory Constraints
Author(s): Wood Mackenzie
Publisher(s): Wood Mackenzie
Publication Date: 06/2015


Description (excerpt):

Wood Mackenzie has evaluated the impact on the US economy of various prodevelopment policies and regulatory constraints in the oil and natural gas sectors.

API has requested Wood Mackenzie to investigate the impact of potential changes to various oil and natural gas-related policies at both a federal and state level. The positive impacts of a series of pro-development policies have been evaluated, alongside the detrimental impacts of a number of proposed and recently enacted regulatory constraints. The impacts are characterized in terms of jobs, GDP, government revenues, and household income and energy expenditure. Both upside and downside scenarios have been compared to a Baseline forecast that excludes the listed pro-development policies and the regulatory constraints.