Full Title: A Comprehensive Study of Implemented International Standards, Technical Challenges, Impacts and Prospects for Electric Vehicles
Author(s): Salman Habib, Muhammad Mansoor Khan, Farukh Abbas, Lei Sang, Muhammad Umair Shahid, and Houjun Tang
Publisher(s): Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Publication Date: 03/2018


Description (excerpt):

The impending environmental issues and growing concerns for global energy crises are driving the need for new
opportunities and technologies that can meet significantly higher demand for cleaner and sustainable energy systems. This necessitates the development of transportation and power generation systems. The electrification of the transportation system is a promising approach to green the transportation systems and to reduce the issues of climate change. This paper inspects the present status, latest deployment, and challenging issues in the implementation of EVs infrastructural and charging systems in conjunction with several international standards and charging codes. It further analyzes EVs impacts and prospects in society.

A complete assessment of charging systems for EVs with battery charging techniques is explained. Moreover, the beneficial and harmful impacts of EVs are categorized and thoroughly reviewed. Remedial measures for harmful impacts are presented and benefits obtained therefrom are highlighted. Bidirectional charging offers the fundamental feature of vehicle to grid technology. In this study, the current challenging issues due to the massive deployment of EVs, as well as upcoming research trends are also presented. It is envisioned that the researchers interested in such area can find this paper valuable and an informative one-stop source.