Full Title: A Step-by-Step Guide to Nuclear Innovation Policy
Author(s): Erin Burns & Todd Allen
Publisher(s): Third Way
Publication Date: 04/2016


Description (excerpt):
Advanced nuclear innovation policy is finally taking center stage and Congress has been taking important steps to support nuclear’s role in meeting our climate goals. But so far, we’ve only heard bits and pieces of what’s needed, without a complete explanation of exactly how policies proposed by the Administration and Congress (and advocates like us) help nuclear innovators move from a good idea to a demonstration reactor.

To provide that context, we’ll follow along step-by-step as Carla—a hypothetical nuclear innovator—secures investments, tests her ideas, and finally builds a demonstration reactor. Along the way, we’ve identified the challenges Carla faces and italicized the specific policies that can help her overcome each obstacle. Although we describe Carla’s path to developing a full nuclear reactor system, the story would be roughly the same if her technology was just one component of a reactor.