Full Title: Achieving Operational Optimization in Microgrid Implementations
Author(s): Ebrahim Vaahedi, Terry Mohn, Kevin Burns, Kash Nodehi
Publisher(s): OATI
Publication Date: 12/2016


Description (excerpt):

With the increasing penetration of distributed generation sources, such as solar PV, as well as energy storage technologies, microgrids—small-scale versions of centralized electric grid functionality—are gaining popularity. Microgrids can generate, distribute, and manage power and energy locally within a customer’s defined area—downstream of the utility connection. When properly designed, built, optimized, and operated, microgrids can achieve important goals for their owners, including cost control, reliable energy delivery, resilience, and carbon emission reduction.

This paper will review:
• The characteristics of microgrids and their various operational objectives
• The feasibility analysis required to plan a successful microgrid implementation
• Technological solutions to achieving microgrid objectives
• Strategies for optimizing microgrids to achieve these objectives