Full Title: Advancing Technology for America’s Transportation
Author(s): National Petroleum Council
Publisher(s): National Petroleum Council
Publication Date: 08/2012


Description (excerpt):

Future Transportation in the United States is undergoing dramatic changes. These changes could occur at an accelerated rate, depending upon the speed of technology advancements and the economic viability of alternative fuels and vehicles. This report is the National Petroleum Council’s response to the Secretary of Energy’s request for advice on accelerating development of advanced fuel-vehicle systems through 2050 for passenger and freight transport, while examining ways to economically reduce the U.S. transportation sector’s 2050 life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In order to examine potential impacts of accelerated technology development, this study assumes aggressive improvements in alternative fuels and vehicles can be achieved and substantial transition hurdles can be overcome. Through modeling and qualitative analysis, this approach provides insights about the possible futures of the U.S. transportation system that are associated with significant advances in vehicles powered by biofuels, electricity, hydrocarbon liquids, hydrogen, and natural gas.