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Karl Boldt

President & Founder
Build-Lux, Inc.

Areas of Expertise:

Mr. Boldt is President & Founder of Build-Lux, Inc. The “niche” market
opportunity for LED Temporary Illumination of the buildspace in
construction was discovered by Mr. Boldt in fall 2008 and is dominated
by the “String-Light” incandescent and CFL sources within building
shells. Build-Lux is now moving to production with LED Illumination
products, at Karl’s direction to exploit these opportunities

Subsequent to departing VIS he formulated an innovative breakthrough
in optical feedback that presents a disruptive solution to traditional
LED Digital Billboards, saving energy, preserving output brightness
and image quality, while reducing manufacturing costs He is currently
consulting part-time for OPTEC Displays, Inc in the area of the Digital
Billboard Market.

Karl has amassed 32 years of experience in all phases of LED and
Display- business and technology. After three years as ROHM
Electronics LED, LCD and LASER Product Mgr. in their US Sales
office, he spent ’92 & ’93 with CREE Inc. as Pacific RIM Sales
Manager where three to four weeks were devoted to bi-monthly visits
with the world’s dominant manufacturers of LED Components and
Display Systems throughout Asian and H-P on the US West Coast.

In ’96 Karl helped start OPTEC DISPLAYS, Inc. as VP Sales &
Marketing with Taiwan and China based LED Display manufacturers,
until forming Pinnacle Display Products, Inc. in July 1998 thru March

Mr. Boldt holds a :
• BSEE from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY and an
• MBA from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY.

In pursuit of his MBA with emphasis in Marketing, he wrote a chapter
of his professor's (unpublished) book called " The Technological
Forecasting of Innovation" The innovative advances made known to
Mr. Boldt in pivotal, but diverse areas provided the foundation for VIS's
ability to gain a price performance advantage in the emerging market
for Large Area Full Color Displays and afford Build-Lux a similar
perspective and market edge in Temp Lighting the buildspace..

Karl Boldt is a frequent Speaker at the Strategy In light conferences and
has spoken at the Strategy Institute Conference on Digital Signage - Nov

He has been awarded four US Patents and has four Patent Pending.

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