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Albert D. Rossin

Writer & Lecturer -- Energy Politics
University of South Florida

Areas of Expertise:

Professional Background:
Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, U. S. Department of Energy, 1986-87 (Reagan II)
Director of the Nuclear Safety Analysis Center at EPRI 1981-86
Visiting Lecturer, Univ. California – Berkeley 1988-89

Director of Research, Commonwealth Edison Co. 1972-81
Assistant Director, Argonne Reactor Engineering Div. 1967-69
Member and Chair, Argonne Reactor Safety Review Committee
Senior Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory 1955-71
President of the American Nuclear Society 1992-93

Voted “Utility Industry Man of the Year in 1975 for effective communication of complex subjects to the public”

Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee, San Luis Obispo, CA: Member 9 years, Chair 3 years; Final term ended June 30, 2008

Center Affiliated Scholar at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford 1996 - 2004

Bachelor of Engineering Physics, Cornell 1953
MS Nuclear Engineering, MIT 1955
MBA Northwestern, Graduate School of Business 1963
Ph. D. Metallurgy, Case Western Reserve 1966

Married Sandra Howells1966; Daughters:Laura VanZandt, Liz Laats

Current (since 1988): Independent consultant on nuclear power safety, materials, energy policy and nonproliferation. Local educator and speaker, and teaching a course called “Energy Politics” at the Academy of Lifelong Learning at the Sarasota campus of the University of South Florida.

Now working on a book on the U. S. policy dating back to President Jimmy Carter to indefinitely defer reprocessing of civilian nuclear power reactor spent fuel, and its implications on energy and national security.

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