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William Mullins

Better Choices Consulting

Areas of Expertise:

I am a Management Systems Consultant who has 42 years experience in the nuclear field - 11 years nuclear trained submarine qualified officer with extensive shipyard experience including new construction Chief Engineer; 10 years experience as utility manager (3 years as Chemistry & Health Physics Supt.) and consultant for radiological and chemistry control at construction completion and regulatory duress-ed operating sites); since 1989 I have done a variety of nuclear management systems consulting in the US DOE sector supporting both federal and contractor clients.

Significant achievements include a role as systems architect in the DOE's Work Smart Standards identification protocol and in the development of the Integrated Safety Management regulation-by-contract doctrine that is the principal mechanism of DOE oversight of nuclear facility and cleanup operations.

I am a member of the American Nuclear Society, and the International Council of Systems Engineering. I have published conference papers in both of these organizations.

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