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R. Stephen Berry

Professor Emeritus
The University of Chicago

Areas of Expertise:

Electric Vehicles, Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Environmental Policy, Nuclear, Transportation

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Physical chemistry, thermodynamics

24 April 2012

Department of Chemistry and the James Franck Institute
The University of Chicago
929 East 57th Street 5317 South University Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60637-1454 Chicago, Illinois 60615-5105
(773) 702-7021 office (773) 684-3326 home
(773) 684-2114 home fax (773) 726-3783 mobile

Birth Date and Place:
Denver, Colorado April 9, 1931

Marital Status:
Married (Carla) 3 children, 8 grandchildren

Academic History:
1952 A.B. Harvard
1954 A.M. Harvard
1956 Ph.D. Harvard
1956-57 Instructor Harvard
1957-60 Instructor University of Michigan
1960-64 Assistant Professor Yale
1964-67 Associate Professor The University of Chicago
1967-2001 Professor, Dept of Chemistry and the James Franck Institute; The University of Chicago
1975-90 Professor, Committee on Public Policy Studies;
The University of Chicago
1989-2001 James Franck Distinguished Service Professor
The University of Chicago
2001-pres James Franck Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
The University of Chicago
2004-2005 Special Advisor to the Director for National Security, Argonne National Laboratory

Areas of Research:
Atomic and molecular clusters, multidimensional potentials and protein dynamics; atomic and molecular collision processes; photoionization; molecular structure, spectra and dynamics; thermodynamics, especially in finite time and of small systems; analysis of allocation of natural resources and efficient energy use; intellectual property and electronic communication.

Elected Societies:
1978 Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences;
1980 Foreign member, Royal Danish Academy of Sciences
1980 Member, National Academy of Sciences
2010 Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry (U.K.)
2011 Member, American Philosophical Society

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