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Rob Barnett

Energy Analyst

Areas of Expertise:

Rob Barnett, an energy analyst at Bloomberg Government, specializes in energy sector economics, environmental policy and strategy, and emissions markets. He is the author of numerous Bloomberg Government reports on topics that include EPA's Cross State Air Pollution Rule, EPA's Mercury and Air Toxics Rule, EPA's greenhouse gas regulations for stationary sources, automobile fuel economy requirements and the Keystone XL pipeline. Before joining Bloomberg, he was an Associate Director of Climate Change and Clean Energy at IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates. At IHS CERA he led the environmental and energy analysis for various studies, including: Growth in the Canadian Oil Sands: Finding the New Balance; Crossing the Divide: The Future of Clean Energy; Dawn of a New Age: Global Energy Scenarios for Strategic Decision Making—The Energy Future to 2030; and Clearing the Air: Scenarios for the Future of US Emissions Markets. Prior to joining IHS CERA Mr. Barnett worked for Clemson’s Power Quality and Industrial Applications Laboratory, where he modeled electric power systems to assess the impact of distributed generation. Mr. Barnett holds a master’s degree in economics from Boston University and an undergraduate and master’s degree in electrical engineering from Clemson University.