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R. Paul Williamson

Sustainable Systems of Colorado

Areas of Expertise:

Energy author, researcher, implimenter, advocate, visionary.

Recent Comments by R. Paul Williamson

  • "I have found that the general public is not informed as to the relationship between energy and water. Not only in hydroelectric generation but with w"
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  • "Romney has joined the 'politicians' knee-jerk energy society' like every other Politian before him with no cognitive thought directed at planning, imp"
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  • "Since we are operating in a vacuum of no energy plan, I believe there will be a release of SPR and simultaneous call in of favors to have it impact en"
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  • "First, I want to applaud this effort that I am sure included extensive work and research of many congressional staffers. Distributed energy is an exc"
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  • "Tax credits could be way of moving forward. However, with all of the labs fighting for their existence and the lack of any long-term sustainable energ"
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  • "The cap and dividend program could have some positive impact but to think this congress or the Department of Energy is going to take any leadership in"
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  • "How in the world can senators in Washington DC that are responding to lobbyists come up with these knee-jerk "energy policies" when they have no plan,"
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