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Charles Manto

and EMP SIG Chair of InfraGard National

Areas of Expertise:

Charles L. Manto (cmanto@stop-EMP.com); (410) 991-1469 (mobile)
230 Baltimore Ave, Cumberland, MD 21502

Information Communications Energy Technology (ICE-T) executive developing and managing technology, policy, marketing and finance to grow infrastructure markets:

Management and Leadership Abstract: Mr. Manto is a CxO level critical infrastructure executive who brings product to market in half the time and cost of competitors, and helps companies increase margins by 50%. Managed up to 270 employees and a $26M budget through his comprehensive development, project and process management metrics. He leads policy and market awareness of key issues at the local, regional, national and international level. He led due diligence program for information, telecom and energy sectors evaluating over $2B of investments, created new cyber security and infrastructure technology and COOP policy winning 4 R&D grants, five patents and equity investment.

CEO, Instant Access Networks, LLC (IAN), 2003- present (MD based company)*; Founder and Owner, Freetech, LLC, 1998 through present (VA based company)

FINANCIAL and POLICY IMPACT: Led regional economic impact assessment showing $770B economic loss from small EMP event, developed technologies to minimize impact on communications and power. Initiated first comprehensive private sector and public sector civilian and military contingency planning effort at the National Defense University and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency to take next steps. Raised equity and won R&D grants for new technology and policy development. Developed 8 EMP-protected ICE-T products, renewable energy systems, next gen combustion systems, hydrogen storage system, multiple pending patents, 5 issued patents, 1 registered trademark. Raised $2 M equity and grants. Founded the national InfraGard EMP special interest group.

Sr VP, Operations, Picus Communications, Virginia Beach, VA 1999-2001
FINANCIAL IMPACT: Deployed 3 state network, class 4/5 telephone switches, broadband, Internet provider (105 simultaneous construction projects), call center, help desk and field engineering force in 9 months – at half the time and cost of industry peers blending project and process management techniques with metrics and failure prevention feedback loops. (Managed 270 employees and $26M budget.) Appointed VA Beach E-Commerce Commissioner.

VP, Business Development, Vista Information Technology, Herndon, VA 1998-1999
LEADING CHANGE, RESULTS DRIVEN, BUSINESS and POLITICAL ACUMEN, LEADING PEOPLE, BUILDING COALITIONS: Developed or enhanced long-term business development relationships Johnson Controls and CLEC service firms. We also developed the first hybrid fiber/coax network management system proposal for Media General covering converged voice, data and video services.

CEO, Americor International, LLC McLean, VA 1996-1997
FINANCIAL IMPACT: Raised all funding, sales, planning and due-diligence world-wide, including work with presidential trade delegation to the president of Uzbekistan and $500M gas industry project.

International Business Development Dir, Federal Systems Group, Falls Church, VA 1993-1996
FINANCIAL IMPACT: Won $4M revenue with over 90% margin for programs in the former Soviet Union under the Nunn-Lugar Act in industrial defense conversion. Created international partnerships, product strategies, win themes and valuation methodologies accepted by US DNA.

Education, Positions, Publications and Conference Production:
• M.A. in Medieval History and Patristics (1979); B.A. in psychology from the University of IL at Urbana/Champaign -- Psi Chi Honor Society (1975)
• US Army enlistment (1972-1974), honor graduate in the US Army Military Police School
• Founding Chair of InfraGard National EMP SIG; IEEE member, licensed amateur radio operator.
• Life member of Vietnam Veterans of America; CERT member, Allegany County, MD.
• Strategic advisor to Public Technology Institute, IIIA of James Madison U, and Physics and Engineering program of FSU (U of MD System), NERC GMD Task Force member.
• Also, trained in languages including Russian and koine Greek and writes music as a hobby.
• Gas Machinery Journal, “Grid Act Impact”, pp. 16, 18 May 2011.
• Council Highlights, August/September 2011,p. 11 links to published letters and items.
• See www.stop-EMP.com , www.sustaining-people.com & www.InfraGard.org for EMP SIG
• National Defense University and MEMA Extreme Space Weather Workshops, Oct 3-6, 2011
• Dupont Summit 2011 panels on Power Grid Vulnerability, Dec 2, 2011

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