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Sid Abma

Sidel Systems USA Inc. & Sidel Global Environmental LLC.



Areas of Expertise:

Biofuels, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Coal, Energy Efficiency, Environment, GHGs, Innovation, Natural Gas, Power Sector, Water

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Carbon Capture and Sequestration, more specifically Carbon Capture Utilization. The CO2 is transformed into useful - scaleable products. It works at removing CO2 from combusted coal and natural gas. With Sidel Global's patented Carbon Capture Utilization System and our Rotary Particulate Collector, we aim to make power plants over 90% energy efficient.

Since 1978 Sid Abma has had it's companies focus towards increasing energy efficiency. Their clients used large natural gas boilers and in the early 1980's he was placing condensing economizers alongside these boilers and increasing his clients energy efficiency to over 90%. The cooled CO2 was also then realized to be a benefit to his clients production.
Sidel Systems has also patented a Carbon Capture Utilization System technology that when applied will have coal fired power plants operating in compliance with the EPA's Clean Power Plan. They have also patented other energy saving technologies for this market.
Recently Sidel Systems has been awarded worldwide distribution rights for a new technology that is capable of turning low grade heat from combusted fossil fuel exhaust into electricity.
Sidel Systems motto is "Waste is Not a Waste If It Has A Purpose" and this company is constantly looking for those applications that will Improve the Economy and the Environment, as this has to be America's future.
Our goal is to Make A Difference in America and the World, to our Economy and our Environment.

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