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John Sarter

Co Chairman and Chapter Liaison to PHAUS National
Passive House Alliance, US. SF Chapter, (affiliated with US DOE)



Areas of Expertise:

Clean Energy, Climate Change, Demand Side Management, Electric Vehicles, Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security, Energy Storage, Innovation, R&D, Renewables, Solar, Transportation

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Microgrid Building System Design and Development

Founder at Microgrid Development Group, SF Bay Area
CEO at Off The Grid Design, LLC
Co-Chairman, PHAUS-SF

Personal Summary:
Facilitating a local and worldwide synergy of suppliers, builders, architects, planners, educators, and visionaries committed to Creating a Sustainable Future for ourselves and generations to come.

My goal is to promote and create, encourage and facilitate, the concepts and realities of “sustainable planning and architecture for living” in such a way as to reduce individuals’ and communities’ “footprint” on the earth. To reduce consumption of finite resources in order to enable a more sustainable and inhabitable future for ourselves and our generations to come. To provide comfort and shelter, a new sustainable luxury, in such a way as to reduce our tendencies as a culture and a species toward constantly increasing demands on our remaining natural resources.

Off The Grid Design Summary:

Off The Grid Design and partners are designing and developing net positive energy microgrid buildings. These structures are capable of complete islanding, but would perhaps be better utilized as integrated co generators within a community microgrid, making them essentially "community microgrid ready". Currently, excess generation will be used for building integrated EV systems, until such time as policy and regulation encourages such over generation and transference to the grid. EV integration will remain a focus of our structures, as the EV's will also soon be "mobile energy storage devices", and an integral part of the energy storage systems on a building, and community level. Here is a link to one of our projects;


Planning and architecture, affordable high efficiency design and construction, energy use analysis and reduction; consulting and retrofitting for existing homes and commercial structures; Design and development of site based co-generation facilities, energy storage, and integrated EV transportation infrastructure.

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