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Wade Allison

Emeritus Professor
Physics department, University of Oxford, UK



Areas of Expertise:

Climate Change

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Regulation, Safety of nuclear radiation, public perception of radiation safety in medicine and the environment, Physics

I am an academic physicist at the University of Oxford who has researched the fundamentals of radiation safety in depth. I have 40 years of teaching experience and research knowledge in radiation, nuclear and medical physics, mathematics, statistics and related fields. The problem of the public fear of radiation and nuclear energy, all too often seen in local political terms (US, Japan, Germany...), is international and cultural; it is not technically difficult but needs to be understood and major changes made for the benefit of all nations. I avoid the label "expert" -- to survive I believe that we all need to understand more widely and that putting knowledge in boxes creates division and sectional interests. I lecture worldwide on this subject, academically and publicly. I have no foundation at my back and have no connection with any interested party.

Author of Fundamental Physics for Probing and Imaging (Oxford,2006)
Author of Radiation and Reason: The Impact of Science on a Culture of Fear (2009)

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