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Roger Faulkner

President & Founder
Electric Pipeline Corporation



Areas of Expertise:

Clean Energy, Coal, Energy Storage, Environmental Policy, Infrastructure, Innovation, Power Sector, R&D, Smart Grid, Transmission

Additional Areas of Expertise:

As a polymer scientist, I sometimes consult with startup companies in need of help.

Roger Faulkner is the founder of Electric Pipeline Corporation (www.elpipes.com) and a polymer scientist who studied at Akron University. His Ph.D. research was on one of his inventions, reaction wave polymerization, and most of his 30 year career since then has had to do with pursuing and developing this and other inventions, not all in the area of polymer science. He has a long-standing interest in enabling technologies for renewable energy, including development of a long distance multi-terminal HVDC grid based on “elpipes” (polymer-insulated electric pipelines).

He has had a strong interest in energy policy issues for many years, and was a full party and public intervenor in the Wisconsin PSC’s Advance Plan 6 hearings in 1991, where he first introduced the concept of HVDC pipelines in testimony he presented with Professor Willis (Bill) Long of UW-Madison, a leading expert in HVDC power transmission.

Electric Pipeline Corporation was formed in November 2009 to pursue inventions and technology development for elpipes. Since then he has been pursuing start-up funding and writing numerous scientific papers related to elpipes.

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