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Jack Shortt

Engineering Consultant
JHS Consulting


Areas of Expertise:

Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Coal, Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, Hydraulic Fracturing, Hydropower, Liquid Fuels, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Oil, Power Sector, Regulation, Wind

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Power Generation Plant Construction, Engineering, Operation, and Maintenance Power Generation Economics

Independent Consulting Engineer since 1994, now semi retired after fifty years of professional experience in the electric power generation industry, much of it involving international clients.

Most recent activity includes generation plant condition assessments for financial due diligence purposes; Expert Witness testimony for resolution of contract disputes; Site Construction manger for a multiunit gas turbine project; and project permit application support. At present I am providing engineering and QA support for a small family owned cylinder manufacturing business.rn I am a registered Professional Engineer in CT and MA; a past member and current honorary member of the ASME Nuclear Operation and Maintenance code committee; and a founding member of the ASME Gas Turbine Institute Utility Gas Turbine Committee. I also served as a member of the CT Governor's Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

Range of Experience:
- Stone and Webster Engineering Co: Senior Consultant and Project Manager specializing in generation plant operating reliability, nuclear codes and standards and client technical support.
- Owner's Nuclear Project Manager for Toledo Edison"s (Now First Energy) Davis Besse units 2 and 3 (Ultimately cancelled).
- Manager of utility nuclear plant maintenance department at Oyster Creek.
- Manager of start up and test department for Gibbs and Hill (Architect Engineering firm)
- Manager of generation equipment engineering department for Northeast Utilities.
- Northeast Utilities project manager for construction of a 400 Mw generation plant, and numerous simple cycle gas turbine installations.
- Shipboard operating engineer aboard numerous cargo and passenger vessels

Graduate BS: US Merchant Marine Academy (1954)

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