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J. Mark Robinson

JMR Energy Infra

Areas of Expertise:

Environment, Environmental Policy, Hydropower, Infrastructure, Natural Gas, Regulation, Renewables, Transmission, Water

In 2009, Mark Robinson Founded JMR Energy Infra, LLC, which advises clients on North American energy infrastructure issues. Clients include multi-national energy and engineering companies, utilities, hydropower developers, LNG exporters, and natural gas pipeline companies. Mr. Robinson has successfully managed the siting of major energy infrastructure (dams, LNG terminals, natural gas pipelines, and electric transmission lines) from Alaska to Florida.

Prior to establishing JMR Energy Infra, Mark was with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for over 30 years. In 2001 he was named Director of the Office of Energy Projects (OEP). As Director of OEP he was responsible for the licensing, safety and administration of approximately 1,600 non-federal hydropower projects, the siting of 500 to 2000 miles of interstate natural gas pipelines per year, the siting of natural gas storage facilities, the siting of electric transmission lines, and the siting, construction, and safety of LNG terminals. During this period Mr. Robinson also established, with his counterparts from the National Energy Board of Canada and the Comision Reguladora De Energia of Mexico, the North American Energy Trilateral to coordinate energy issues across borders.

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