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Chris Cook

Solar Grid Storage

Areas of Expertise:

Clean Energy

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Electricity Storage, Grid ops/valuation, Net metering, Interconnection, grid integration

Mr. Cook is President and General Counsel of Solar Grid Storage, LLC, a new company focused on the use of battery storage to enhance the value of solar power on electric grids. Mr. Cook was previously of counsel to the law firm of Keyes & Fox, a boutique firm specializing in distributed resources law and providing counsel to businesses, utility regulators, and policy makers on the various facets of the distributed generation business.

Mr. Cook was formerly a founder of SunWorks, a company focused on developing solar module manufacturing in the US. He was also Sr. Vice-President, of Regulatory Affairs for SunEdison, a company he helped found with three others in 2003 which grew to over $5 billion market cap. In his role at SunEdison, Mr. Cook worked with policy makers and electric utilities to create new solar energy programs. His team helped establish programs in most of the leading solar states in the U.S. He also served as General Counsel at SunEdison and during that time helped write one of the earliest solar power purchase agreements (PPA) that has become the model contract for the solar industry.

As a consultant in the firm of E3 Energy Services, Mr. Cook, was advisor to the NJ utility regulator and designed the renowned NJ solar program which grew the State’s installed solar generation from 1megawatt over 1 gigawatt. He was instrumental in creating the technical standards that allow solar and small generators to interconnect with the electric utility grid. He is considered by many to be a leading national expert on net metering – the economic arrangement by which a customer generating their own power is compensated by their local utility. Mr. Cook also provided consultation to municipalities on purchasing competitive electricity supply and structured wholesale deals worth nearly $100 million. Prior to starting his consulting company, Mr. Cook was Assistant Counsel with the Maryland People’s Counsel and Director of Energy Policy at the Maryland Energy Administration. He started his career as a utility distribution engineer.

Mr. Cook is a member of the Bar of Maryland and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and holds awards from the Governor of Maryland and the US Department of Energy for outstanding service in promoting solar energy use.

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