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Vernon Ruskin

Abc Management Systems Inc

Areas of Expertise:

Clean Energy, Coal, Demand Side Management, Energy Economics, Energy Storage, Hydropower, Innovation, Natural Gas, Power Sector, Regulation, Renewables, Transmission, Water

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Columbia River Treaty

Vernon Ruskin (Vern)

Professional Qualifications: Ph.D. (University of London), M.Com. (University of Toronto), B.Sc. Director Planning Division for B.C. Electric, the predecessor company of BC Hydro, and directed Peace and Columbia River engineering. He started an engineering consulting company in 1970 in Vancouver, BC. He got a green card. He worked for Middle West Service Company and subcontracted for Zinder&Co., two specialist rate consultants; In 1974 he formed a consulting company in Bellingham WA with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco. Chicago. Atlanta Cincinnati. His clients included 31 US and Canadian utilities and pipelines **, He taught” Engineering Economics” at UBC for 14 yrs., He semi- retired and wrote an-ebook and articles on “Clean Energy Starvation in the Midst of Plenty”, and Columbia Treaty Option #4 for” Good Neighbors”

** Clients, BC Hydro, Washington Water Power, Saskatchewan Power Corp, West Kootenay Power Co, San Diego Gas and Electric, Con Edison, Portland General Electric, Metropolitans Utility District, Boston Gas, Providence Gas, Brooklyn Union, Lone Star Gas, Alagasco, Southern California Gas, Cascade Natural Gas, Mountain Fuel Supply Co, Inland Gas, Union Gas. Plains Western Gas, Lakeland Gas, Gaz Metro, Gaz du Quebec, Northern and Central Gas, Consumers Gas, Westcoast Transmission, Washington Nat Gas, Gt. Winnipeg Gas, Minnegasco, Peoples Gas, Trans Canada Pipelines Transmountain Pipelines.

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