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Carl Zichella

Director of Western Transmission/Senior Advocate
Natural Resources Defense Council


Areas of Expertise:

Climate Change, Energy Storage, Environment, Environmental Policy, Infrastructure, Renewables, Solar, Transmission, Wind

Biographical Information: Carl Zichella, Director of Western Transmission, Natural Resources Defense Council

Carl Zichella is the director for western transmission for NRDC. He is the organization’s lead staff for western U.S. renewable energy transmission siting and serves on a nationwide team working on renewable energy development issues. In this role he works with stakeholders from environmental organizations, renewable energy development and transmission industries, local, state and national governments, regulatory agencies and the public to find renewable energy transmission solutions that accelerate renewable energy development while respecting wildlife and land conservation efforts.

Before joining NRDC he was the director for western U.S. renewable projects for the Sierra Club. He served in leadership capacities on the Sierra Club staff for 23 years.

Mr. Zichella is a former director of the Climate Action Reserve, a director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology (CEERT), environmental representative to the Western Governor’ Association Renewable Energy Zone identification process, environmental representative for the Western Electricity Coordinating Council’s Transmission Expansion Planning Policy Committee, and was a founding director of the American Wilderness Coalition. He was appointed to the Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee in November 2013 by Energy Secretary Moniz.

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