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Brent Nelson

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Northern Arizona University

Areas of Expertise:

Clean Energy, Demand Side Management, Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, R&D, Regulation, Renewables, Smart Grid

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Demand Side Management; energy systems analysis

Brent Nelson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering with a teaching focus on renewable energy, thermodynamics and heat transfer, and research foci in energy systems analysis, energy policy, energy efficiency, bioengineering, and engineering education. He is also a former AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office. He completed his graduate work at GeorgiaTech, earning masters and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering while performing interdisciplinary research at the intersection of thermal transport, materials science, and nanofabrication. Before joining the faculty at Northern Arizona University in 2008, he also completed a postdoctoral fellowship studying design innovation and engineering design education with the Center for Biologically-Inspired Design at GeorgiaTech, funded by the National Academy of Engineering CASEE program. Prior to his time at GeorgiaTech, he completed his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley, where he graduated with high honors.

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