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Lori Traweek

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
American Gas Association



Areas of Expertise:

Demand Side Management, Human Capital, Natural Gas, Transmission

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Pipelines, Pipeline Safety, Energy Education, Energy Workforce Development

American Gas Association (AGA) Chief Operating Officer Lori Traweek is in her 26th year at AGA and is committed to leveraging and utilizing American’s abundant, domestic, affordable and clean natural gas to help meet the nation’s energy and environmental needs. Lori is directly responsible for overseeing AGA operations. Prior to her current responsibilities, Lori was integrally involved in AGA’s pipeline safety and environmental advocacy, including participating in the development of the EPA STAR program to encourage voluntary operations reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, serving on the executive steering team of the Department of Transportation’s distribution integrity management program, and participating in the launch of the Common Ground Alliance – a collaborative organization with the goal of reducing excavation damage of underground facilities.

Before joining AGA, Lori worked as an offshore and onshore engineer for Arco Oil and Gas Co. in Texas and Louisiana. She holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University and a B.S. degree in communications from Ithaca College.

Lori is currently chairman of the National Energy Foundation, serves on the GTI Board and is AGA’s liaison for the Center for Energy Workforce Development.

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