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Patrick McNulty

Powerhouse Operator

patrick @cyclonebuster

Areas of Expertise:

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Additional Areas of Expertise:

All of the above..

Basically, for Florida Power And Light Company in the Fossil Fuel/Nuclear Power generation field I have performed many multi-functional tasks from operating, rebuilding, maintaining and repairing multi-mega watt Fossil Fuel/Nuclear power plants and synchronizing them on and off the grid thousands of times to meet customer demands.On Line On Time.

In the weapons of mass destruction field for Westinghouse Inc. and URS Corporation at the Anniston Army Depot, I have as a control room operator robotically disassembled and thermally incinerated hundreds of thousands of chemical weapons both nerve agents such as (VX) (GB) and the blister agent known as mustard gas (HD) to make our community/world a much safer place to live. No need to worry if this stuff will ever leak in the future.. The threat of this stuff ever getting out is now gone...

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