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Ed Pheil

CTO, Scientific Advisor
Elysium Industries, Fisonic Energy Solutions - Boston, & Silicon Accelerator

Areas of Expertise:

Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security, Energy Storage, Environment, Environmental Policy, GHGs, Hydrogen, Hydropower, Infrastructure, Innovation, Liquid Fuels, Nuclear, Power Sector, R&D, Regulation, Transportation

Additional Areas of Expertise:

nuclear fuel waste consumption, non-proliferation/security

32 years designing, operating, starting, testing, building 2 reactors/year for the Naval Nuclear Laboratory (Advisory Nuclear Engineer).

2 years as Founder & Chief Technology Officer leading Elysium Industries design of a Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor to start up on only Spent Nuclear Fuel & Plutonium, followed by 1 MT/yr of SNF feed-in, and no actinide discharge ever in the waste stream. Reduces the proliferation concern of plutonium upon fuel conversion (low cost conversion too), and no discharge is proliferation resistant.

CTO of Fisonic Energy Solutions - reduce energy, water & sewer use by up to 50%, and provide blackout power/heat/A/C. Increase steam power system efficiency, reliability, and ability to provide blackout power, including islanding, to be ready to provide emergency power as soon as possible after a natural disaster. And, prevent water reactor meltdown by providing all water systems pumping without electricity, and provide cooling water injection without electricity or gravity feedwater, or provide electricity from low pressure decay heat steam to operate pumps

Developed a new radiation tolerant computer chip operating at the THz level using nano-vacuum tubes, and using these for quantum computers, microwave browning function, and a beachball size aneutronic proton-boron-11 fission (fusion) reactor with direct energy conversion & waste x-ray direct energy conversion recycling.

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