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Terry Oldberg


Areas of Expertise:

Climate Change, Environmental Policy, Nuclear, R&D

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Logic, information theory, logical principles in the design and management of a scientific study, fallacies in global warming arguments

Amateur climatologist and author of two peer-reviewed articles in the literature of global warming climatology, professional designer and manager of numerous scientific studies, critic of the logical basis for prevailing policy on the global warming phenomenon.

- Designed components of light water reactors, breeder reactors and fusion reactors for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and General Electric Company
- Designed and managed research on nuclear reactor materials as project manager for the Electric Power Research Institute
- Headed research on cogeneration for the Electric Power Research Institute
Registered professional engineer, Nuclear Engineering, State of California

BME, Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University
MSE, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
MSEE, Electrical Engineering, Santa Clara University

Areas of expertise:
General systems theory
The problem of induction
Information theory for systems control
Design of heat engines
Model building
Models that deliver no information to a regulatory agency making regulation by this agency physically impossible
The role of methodological error in the planning and execution of energy research and development
Global warming climatology

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