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Sidel Systems USA Inc.

Areas of Expertise:

Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Clean Energy, Coal, Energy Efficiency, Environment, GHGs, Natural Gas, Water

Sid has been in business since 1978 and has focused towards Increased Energy Efficiency. His company Sidel Systems specialized at heating commercial greenhouses, glass and plastic buildings. Through this the Sidel SRU Flue Gas Condenser was developed, increasing the clients boiler efficiency to well over 90%. The cooled exhaust was utilized inside the greenhouses for CO2 Enrichment. Near zero CO2 put into the atmosphere. We are now having this technology installed in large commercial and industrial facilities. www.SidelSystems.comrnIn 2010 we took on a new challenge and developed a Carbon Capture Utilization System that removes over 90% of the CO2 out of combusted coal exhaust. www.SidelGlobal.comrnLife is definitely not boring