Full Title: Assessing the Final Clean Power Plan: Key Changes Relative to the Draft Rule and Their Implications for Stringency
Author(s): John Larsen, Sarah O. Ladislaw, Michelle Melton, and Whitney Ketchum
Publisher(s): Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS)
Publication Date: 10/2015


Description (excerpt):

On August 3, 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency released the final Clean Power Plan (CPP), a regulatory action under the Clean Air Act (CAA) that establishes guidelines for states to limit carbon dioxide emissions from existing power-generation units. The plan differs in a number of important ways from a draft version released in June 2014. This research note, the first in a series on the final CPP from CSIS and Rhodium Group, outlines the key changes between the draft and final rules and analyzes the impact of those changes in terms of stringency—that is, the emission reductions required by the rule.