Full Title: Batteries for Electric Cars: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Outlook to 2020
Author(s): The Boston Consulting Group
Publisher(s): The Boston Consulting Group
Publication Date: 01/2010


Description (excerpt):

What impact will the development and cost of various types of batteries have on the emerging market for electric cars? How much progress can we hope to see in the next decade, and what critical barriers will need to be overcome along the way?
The automotive industry’s quest to limit its impact on the environment and transform automotive mobility into a sustainable mode of transportation continues at high intensity, despite the current economic crisis. In an earlier report, we analyzed the technical and cost tradeo s of com- peting alternative power-train technologies. In this companion piece, we address the two principal variables in our analysis of the developing market for electric cars: the technical attributes and the costs of lithium-ion batteries for electric-vehicle applications.