Full Title: Become a Nuclear Safety Expert
Author(s): Herschel Specter
Publisher(s): Micro-Utilities, Inc.
Publication Date: 01/2019


Description (excerpt):

Large quantities of carbon-free electricity will be necessary if we are to have a low carbon future, and nuclear power plants reliably do this. However, many people fear nuclear power plants and radiation in general. Therefore it is important for the public and governmental leaders to understand that the radiological and economic risks to the public from nuclear power plants are extremely small and certainly far smaller than many think. There are multiple reasons for this, but one that has not received sufficient attention is the protective role of natural forces. In addition to man-made engineered safety systems, natural forces like gravity, changing wind direction, human biology, weathering, and several others, greatly reduce the consequences of nuclear accidents.
These natural forces do not need electric power or actions by plant operators or emergency workers to reduce radiological consequences. These natural forces are always there and no act of terrorism or anything else can prevent them from protecting the public. Because of these man-made and natural protective features, the benefits of using nuclear power to reduce the challenges of climate change greatly outweigh its risks.