Full Title: Beyond Renewable Integration: The Energy Storage Value Proposition
Author(s): American Council on Renewable Energy
Publication Date: 11/2016


Description (excerpt):
This paper will provide an overview of the market to bring context and understanding to energy storage in an effort to synthesize seemingly complex issues and provide a construct for understanding the current state and readiness for growth, including questions related to:

  • What are the specific applications for energy storage?
  • How do those applications provide benefit?
  • What are some real examples of these applications in practice?
  • How can energy storage benefits best be valued and monetized to accelerate adoption?

Energy storage will play a key role in transforming the grid by allowing for a more flexible and efficient electricity system. In order to achieve this transformation, policymakers and industry stakeholders should improve their understanding of the potential full value of storage and how it can be quantified and monetized to drive adoption.