Full Title: California Green Innovation Index 2014
Author(s): F. Noel Perry, Sarah Henry, Marcia E. Perry, Laura MacArthur
Publisher(s): Next 10
Publication Date: 5/2014


The California Green Innovation Index provides data that show California’s policies have helped create a foundation for innovation and removed early barriers to consumer demand. As good policy stimulates both innovation and investment to create new clean technology products and services, consumers are then able to respond with increased demand, thus sustaining a long-term virtuous market growth cycle. Innovation is a key component to growing the sector, and is an iterative process that occurs throughout market development. When consumer demand rises, investors and businesses perceive more opportunity in the market, which prompts development of technology, lowers prices and subsequently increases consumer demand. Building on California’s past success, the state’s next increment of smart policy can accelerate this market cycle dramatically.