Full Title: California Smart Grid 2012: Report to the Governor and the Legislature
Author(s): Public Utilities Commission, State of California
Publisher(s): Public Utilities Commission, State of California
Publication Date: 5/2013



This is the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) third annual report to the Governor and the Legislature, pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 8367 (SB 17, Authored by Senator Padilla). As ordered by the Legislature, the CPUC and the state’s Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) have made significant progress on the path toward modernizing the state’s electric grid. Smart Grid activities are part of the ongoing process of grid modernization, accelerated due to the advancements in information processing and hardware technologies. Smart Grid development is being driven by: a need to reduce the impacts of energy use on consumers’ bills; the increasing impacts of distributed and intermittent generation resources on the distribution grid; and the impact of electricity production and use on the environment. The resulting modern, technologically superior electric grid that produces greater resiliency, environmental benefits, and customer value, as an aggregate, is known as the Smart Grid.

Pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 8367, this annual report provides an overview of the CPUC’s recommendations for a Smart Grid, the plans and deployment of Smart Grid technologies by the state’s IOUs, and the costs and benefits to ratepayers. This report will detail the following:

  • Privacy and Security of Electric Usage Data
  • Giving Consumers Control
  • Utility Smart Grid deployment plans and status
  • National developments
  • Federal stimulus funding for Smart Grid projects
  • The CPUC’s plan for 2013