Full Title: Clean Jobs Florida: Sizing Up Florida’s Clean Energy Jobs Base and its Potential
Author(s): Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2)
Publisher(s): Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2)
Publication Date: 08/2014


Description (excerpt):

When it comes to clean energy, Florida is a state that’s simply not living up to its potential. To be sure, Florida’s clean energy industry is big, it is growing, and it should be recognized as an important part of the state’s economy. In the first jobs census of its kind that focuses on Florida’s clean economy, our research has found that more than 130,000 Floridians currently work at 14,000 clean energy and transportation businesses, which are spread almost equally across the state. Many of these are good-paying jobs that didn’t exist a decade or so ago, at small businesses that are driving economic growth across Florida. Those are big numbers. But they’re only a fraction of the jobs and companies the state could create if it had policies to provide the certainty and longevity that Florida utilities and businesses need to invest in clean energy development. The Sunshine State ranks No. 3 in the nation for solar energy potential. It could feasibly generate 25 times its current electricity needs with clean, renewable energy. Homeowners and businesses could save billions of dollars by installing energy efficient systems and technologies.