Full Title: Clean Jobs Illinois
Author(s): N/A
Publisher(s): Clean Energy Trust
Publication Date: 3/2014


In 2013, Clean Energy Trust commissioned BW Research Partnership, a national leader in workforce and economic development research, to conduct a survey of Illinois clean energy firms to better understand employment in the sector. Clean Jobs Illinois is based on survey research data collected by BW Research Partnership and was developed in partnership with Environ- mental Entrepreneurs, Environmental Law and Policy Center and the Natural Resources Defense Council, which contributed financial and staff resources to support the research and report.

On a number of fronts, Illinois is leading on clean energy. It ranked eighth in the 2013 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index of states with the strongest policies for reducing environmental footprints. Strong building codes and the combination of a Department of Energy National Laboratory, a top-ranked green MBA program and a clean energy incubator were cited among differentiating factors. Illinois also cracked the top ten for energy efficiency leadership for the first time in 2013, thanks in large part to utility efficiency standards that went into effect in 2008.3 Additionally, the City of Chicago, a major economic driver in the state, has made efficiency in buildings a top priority through passage of energy efficiency ordinances and initiatives like Retrofit Chicago’s Commercial Building Initiative.