[Note: The statements below are intended solely to stimulate discussion among the Expert community, and do not represent the position of OurEnergyPolicy.org. Text in italics indicates clarification or expansion.]

One of the major roadblocks to the implementation of a national energy policy is the difference between federal, state and local agendas. Our energy policy is now an essential part of our national security. When it comes to “classical security” (i.e., DOD), the federal government enjoys greater power over state and local government (although not absolute). It is now time to increase the power of the federal government when it comes to our energy policy – it is a matter of the survival of our way of life. This is a very difficult decision, but is essential. We must get rid of our dependence on oil as soon as possible. It is a security emergency. We also need to implement a nationwide policy to fight climate change.

There are many ways to achieve this goal (which will not be covered in this document), but it should start with an attempt at agreed upon principles through negotiations between the federal government and the states. Such agreement should include among others the following subjects:

  • Standardizing gasoline types.
  • Land use and easement laws for transmission lines.
  • Improving the electrical grid.
  • Nuclear power generation.
  • Avoiding state policies that are completely opposite to the national policy.

We need leadership. We need a President that can galvanize the nation around a national energy policy. If the President will really lead, everyone will follow.