Full Title: Economic Analysis of US Decarbonization Pathways
Author(s): ICF International
Publisher(s): ICF International
Publication Date: 11/2015


Description (excerpt):

Summary of Findings:

  • Study attempts to answer – What impact does climate change mitigation have on the economy?
  • Using outputs from the PATHWAYS modeling exercise, results indicate that climate change mitigation could be economically beneficial
  • Economy could add more than a million jobs by 2030 and up to 2 million jobs by 2050
  • Most of the job gains could be concentrated on construction, certain manufacturing and service sectors relevant for clean energy generation and efficient consumer durables and utilities
  • Larger focus on renewable generation appears to provide larger benefits in the long run
  • Gains in construction, manufacturing, and other sectors outweigh losses in fossil-fuel industries resulting in a net-gain of employment across the nation
  • Household disposable income increases across all regions
  • Seven of the nine regions modeled gain jobs, while employment grows more slowly in the remaining two regions compared to the Reference Case (i.e., these two regions are adversely affected)