Full Title: Efficiency and the Low-Carbon Future
Author(s): Steve Isser
Publisher(s): South-central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource (SPEER)
Publication Date: 03/2016


Description (excerpt):

The convoluted litigation surrounding the EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) has cast a roadblock in the way of its implementation, but this should not obscure the reality that a transition to a greener grid will continue. Many of the changes which would have been accelerated by the Plan will occur in any case, as more stringent EPA regulation of coal plants push many toward early retirement, the extension of the Production and Investment tax credits encourage additional investment in renewables, and the low price of natural gas moves new generation away from coal. Looking at the time horizon envisioned by the Plan, it is almost inevitable that as the deleterious impacts of climate change begun to be felt worldwide, some sort of action will be taken to control the emissions of greenhouse gases.